About The Resilient Life

Since 2014, we’ve been perfecting how to live a resilient life.
Here’s you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story, and Team members.


Who we help

We help people who are looking to live a more meaningful, purpose driven life that’s resilient to the unknowable future. We only work with people who are serious about making the necessary changes in their lives to go from being part of the fragile masses to the Resilient Few. The fragile masses might have the knowledge that they need to prepared but they lack the systems, skills, tools, network and guidance on how to become part of the Resilient Few™.

What do we do

We help people become part of the “Resilient Few” – an individual that is cool, calm and collected under pressure because they know they have the necessary skills, tools, knowledge, preps, and coalition needed to survive and unplanned event. We do this our flagship program called The Resilient Life. Our program aims to maximize: happiness, mental and physical resiliency, emergency preparation, and financial fortitude. Our program aims to minimize: complexity, stress, depression, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, fragility.

Our philosophy

The “Resilient Few” is the perfect balance between living a meaningful, purposed driven live TODAY while being resilient to the unknowable future. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on the 6 key ingredients of resiliency:

  1. Strategic backups – not having enough of certain backup supplies is gross negligence
  2. Physical resilience – your body gets stronger with frequent micro stressors
  3. Mental resilience – mental toughness that finally get your brain telling your body what to do
  4. Emotional resilience  – decrease destructive emotions and increase the positive ones
  5. Community – surround yourself with like minded, supportive community
  6. Fun- if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong

Here’s a video where I go over the first 4 key ingredients on this list:

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Our story

Part 1. Living a fragile life

It all stated back in 2008, when I (“Just in Case” Jack) was living outside of Atlanta, GA and the city was out of gas.

My truck was below empty, my wife’s Jeep was down to a quarter tank and we both were supposed to be at work the next day.

Not to mention that we were long overdue for a grocery run. Local food supplies were getting low and the grocery store was miles away.

After about 45 minutes of scouring the search engines, a bit of luck was discovered. A single tanker of gas was unloading at a Conoco station 9 miles away. Cars were already starting to line up. I woke up the wife, threw on some torn jeans, and grabbed my 2 empty gas containers.

That night I got the gas I needed to go to work and the grocery store the next day. But this weird, unexpected hiccup opened my eyes.

It made me realize just how vulnerable we are…

What happens if gas was no longer readily available for a week? A month? A year? Longer? What happens if the power grid goes out for a week? A month? A year? What happens when the economy collapses, and we dive back into an unemployment nightmare to match or exceed the Great Depression?

America has several weaknesses. Weaknesses that can be exploited in a number of ways. Weaknesses that can bring our modern society crashing down and only the truly self-reliant will survive.

I started to learn everything I could about survival, preparedness and living a resilient life as I could. I didn’t know it then, but that was the birth of The Resilient Life as we know it today…

Part 2. Learning & revisiting my upbringing

Over the next couple-few years, I invested thousands of hours into research, preparation, and execution. Built upon the foundational principals I learned from growing up (and working hard) on a Midwestern farm I set myself and my family up to be ready for damn near anything.

Along the way, I also realized that living a resilient life was a heck of a lot more fun, meaningful, and fulfilling than waking up, going to work, eating junk food, playing video games, watching TV, and going to bed just to get up and do it all over again the next day.

At this point, I knew I needed to share what I have learned with the world because the benefits of living a life worth living TODAY while being prepared for an unknown TOMORROW brought me so much peace and happiness.

Part 3. Skilled Survival 

In 2014, Brent (my Co-Founder) and I, started SkilledSurvival.com where were we started sharing article survival & preparedness. At first, there was a small trickle of people who’d visit the site but we persevered because we knew the message we wanted to share about living a resilient life was worth pursing. Since we’ve launched we’ve published 293 (and counting) article on the site and have helped more than 12 million people along the way.

Part 4. Losing our way

Eager to quit my day job as a mechanical engineer and work on Skilled Survival full time, we kept doing more of what was working pretty well. Gear review articles. At our peak, the site was attracting more than 400,000 visitors per month and we were making a decent living (but not nearly as much as you would think with that many people visiting the site).

A couple of years later, I was able to quit my day job which was exhilarating but also scary. The needed to keep the lights on and food on our table led us to continue to publish gear review type articles since we earned commissions on the gear we sold.

Now, although we NEVER recommended a product that we didn’t fully research and trust, we were getting burned out on doing gear review articles. We wanted to get back to teaching others how to live in the zen state of resilience that I had found.

That’s when we started shifting our focus from gear review articles to working on creating a course and community called The Resilient Life. Our sole focus here at The Resilient Life is to show you how to live a resilient life.

Part 5. Finding zen through resiliency
The idea of living a resilient life is not new. It’s very old. It’s ancient, in fact, and it’s rooted in the philosophies of the ancient Greeks. Those who understood the extreme benefits of hardships and some struggle, that THESE are the essential ingredients to creating purpose and meaning in your life. They understood that avoiding struggles and challenges will create weak minds and fragile souls. Instead, most struggles are an opportunity to test and to prove yourself. Why?

Because to master skill, to build an enterprise, to achieve a life you can be proud of requires you to confront pain, hardship and fear head on.  And it’s a resilient mindset that gets you through the short term pain to acquire the newfound wisdom, to move from temporary fear to enduring courage, and to accept the occasional discomfort to gain a long lasting spirit of strength.

By living a life based on these ancient philosophical principals mixed with modern common sense, you’re able to live your life with more meaning and more purpose. While being prepared for whatever obstacle is thrown in your way.

Our founding team

“Just in Case” Jack

Co-Founder of TheResilientLife.com and SkilledSurvival.com. Creates content, helps members, and is the visionary behind The Resilient Life’s way of living. Husband, father, mechanical engineer, survivalist, and prepper.



Co-Founder of TheResilientLife.com and SkilledSurvival.com. Manages the day to day operations, helps members, exudes optimism. Husband, father, biomedical engineer, lifelong learner, and eternal optimist.

Contacting us

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